Ligmee Fixed Business

With business landline by Ligmee, your company can make and receive calls using a common landline number in the location you want via the Internet. Yetit is possible to port the current telephone line.

It works as follows, the client connects to our network via the Internet, and since our servers are connected to the conventional telephone network around the world, we can offer telephone solutions over the Internet network, adding innovative, flexible and dynamic for your company, all of this thanks to the virtualization of resources and their availability over the Internet.

The telephone lines are connected and made available through our cloud network and work in synchronization with other telephone networks in the world, i.e. allow you to make and receive calls without complications for extensions, cell phones, landlines, national and international calls.

All call traffic made is delivered via the data network and uses VoIP technology, this is a modern and suitable solution for companies seeking new technologies, high availability with compatible cost.

This product has full integration with other products made available by our company, and is also part of our Virtual PBX in the Cloud.

More information see portability/contracting availability of lines to the desired location through our service channels.

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