Automated service with IVR

The system of ARU, in other words, automatic digital answering, is a modern resource in our portfolio for your company to manage and distribute your company call answering.

For easy understanding, it is the assertive solution to precisely direct your audience to the sectors of your company you want to contact, without wasting time, in a digital and automated way. Whether to obtain an automatically generated response, or to forward direct service to a specific employee.

An example of how to explain this functionality is the need to forward calls to departments such as finance, sales, management, rectory, technical assistance, reception, among others.

For the perfect functioning of the Ligmee IVR System on your telephone network, it is essential to have an exclusive incoming line, precisely for receiving calls, in addition to the technical configurations that will be necessary to route calls to customer service channels. each sector.

The IVR System is the appropriate tool for your audience to enjoy a service that adds convenience, agility and effectiveness.

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